COAST LED Dual-Power Rechargeable Torch with Slide Focus 1000 Lumens

$150.00 Incl. GST

COAST XP9R: Power-Packed Lighting

Unleash 1000 Lumens: The COAST XP9R, a small yet mighty workhorse from our XP series, delivers an impressive 1000 lumens. Designed with Rechargeable Dual Power technology, it’s fueled by a COAST ZITHION-X™ rechargeable battery or CR 123 lithium batteries (sold separately).


  • Slide Focus, Turbo Mode
  • Ultra View Flood Beam, BULLS-EYE™ Spot Beam

Smart Features:

  • Built-in USB-C Port
  • Dust Resistant
  • Pure-Beam Focusing Optic
  • Rechargeable Dual Power
  • One-Handed Slide Focus
  • Water Resistant

Pack Unparalleled Illumination into Your Work. Explore COAST XP9R Today.

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$150.00 Incl. GST

1 in stock

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COAST LED Dual-Power Rechargeable Torch with Slide Focus. 1000 Lumens IP54 Water & Dust Resistant, 225m Beam, Durable Impact Resistant, Built-in USB-C Port, Turbo Mode, Pure-Beam Focusing,

Pack bold lighting power wherever work takes you. A small but mighty workhorse in our XP series of professional flashlights, the COAST XP9R delivers the brightest-in-class light — peaking at 1000 lumens — with three output modes and multi-beam capability. Featuring Rechargeable Dual Power technology, this flashlight is powered by a COAST ZITHION-X™ rechargeable battery (charging cable included) but can also run on CR 123 lithium batteries (purchased separately). Patented SLIDE FOCUS® optical technology ensures you can meet the moment with flawless transitions between Ultra View Flood Beam and BULLS-EYE™ Spot Beam.



  • Focus: Slide to narrow or widen the light beam
  • Light output: up to 1000 Lumens
  • Power source: Powered by a rechargeable battery
  • Ultra view flood beam
  • Bulls-eye spot beam



With a built-in USB-C port, your battery can be charged using a USB-C cord. Some COAST models can be charged both inside or outside the light.


Take on any dirty work environment with this dust resistant light


Pack two powerful beams into one and seamlessly transition—with no halos or hot spots—between short and long-range viewing. COAST’s patented focusing technology adapts to your need. The Ultra View Flood beam delivers edge-to-edge clarity in a broad circle, and the BULLS-EYE™ Spot Beam sends a sharp ray of light at a distance with a transitional halo around the spot to increase the effective viewing area.


Each COAST Rechargeable-Dual Power product comes with a ported ZITHION-X™ rechargeable battery or a non-ported ZITHION™ rechargeable battery and is compatible with either COAST Extreme Performance alkaline batteries or other brand-name battery types, depending on the product. This provides you the cost savings of using rechargeable and the flexibility of reverting to alkaline.


One-handed beam control. COAST’s SLIDE FOCUS® system enables you to seamlessly transition between spot and flood beam with the push or pull your finger. Responsive beam-shape control allows you to operate your light with a single hand and keep the other hand free.


Don’t worry about the weather. COAST lights that have passed the IP54-level resistance tests are splash-resistant and built with durable materials that stand up to nature.