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Add-On Camera with Rechargeable Battery for EZVIZ W2H-B Base Station

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Introducing the ezviz BC1 2K⁺ Add-On Camera: Expand Your Protection, Elevate Your Security

Note: Requires a W2H-B Base Station for Operation

Scale Up Wire-Free Protection: Enhance your security system with the ezviz BC1 2K⁺ Add-On Camera. Designed exclusively for users with a BC1 2K⁺ Kit and requiring a W2H-B Base Station, this add-on camera takes your home protection to the next level. Ensure comprehensive coverage of your property, covering every corner that matters to you.

Premium Performance, Anywhere in Your Home: The BC1 2K⁺ Add-On Camera delivers premium performance, seamlessly integrating into your existing security setup. With the flexibility to position it anywhere around your household, you can extend surveillance to key areas, providing an extra layer of protection where you need it the most.

365-Day Battery Life, No Strings Attached: Experience true wire-free convenience with the BC1 2K⁺ Add-On Camera. Fully charge it, install in minutes, and enjoy a steady performance for up to a year. No need for constant battery swaps or complicated wiring. Customize the activity-trigger settings to match your camera usage, maximizing its battery life without compromising on security.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with BC1 2K⁺ Kit and W2H-B Base Station
  • Expand and enhance your wire-free security system
  • Premium performance for comprehensive coverage
  • Easy installation, allowing flexible placement around your home
  • Impressive 365-day battery life for uninterrupted protection
  • Customizable activity-trigger settings for optimized usage

Upgrade your home security effortlessly with the ezviz BC1 2K⁺ Add-On Camera. Elevate your protection, cover every angle, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with advanced, wire-free surveillance. Please note that this add-on camera requires the W2H-B Base Station to function. Step up your security game – get your BC1 2K⁺ Add-On Camera today.

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$299.00 Incl. GST

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